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So There I Was Sitting in a Bookstore Cafe

Looked up from my laptop and at the end of the aisle ahead of me, face out, is a book I published fifteen years ago: A Cthulhu Mythos Bibliography & Concordance by Chris Jarocha-Ernst. Then before I could even start typing this, I looked up and a friend of mine was standing there grinning at me. Apparently this particular bookstore-cafe was the right place to visit tonight.

Puppetland 1st edition ebook available now

Puppetland BoH PDF CoverCan’t wait for the new edition coming in 2015? You can get the first edition of Puppetland published by Hogshead in 1999 right now from the Bundle of Holding, alongside other fantastic indie games like James Wallis’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Emily Care Boss’s Breaking the Ice, Vincent Baker’s Dogs in the Vineyard, and many more, all for one low price.


This Puppet Is . . .


Artwork ©1999 Raven Mimura

In Puppetland, there are no numerical attributes and no dice. Characters are described using a common set of descriptors plus a few custom ones, a bit similar to Over the Edge.

When I first designed Puppetland, my standard descriptors were a bit scattered. For the new edition we recently Kickstarted, I’ve revised that substantially to use a unified system. I think it may resemble that of the old Marvel Super Heroes RPG, but sadly I never actually read it and am unsure.

Anyway, here’s a look at that section of the new Puppetland rulebook.

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The New Normal

Dispatches from Revland consists of two sections:

  • My professional Facebook page from 2011-2014.
  • My blog from 2001-2002.

I’ve imported all of these into this site to ensure that my data belongs to me. I had another blog that ran from about 2002-2006 (I think?) but those posts are currently locked in an old SQL database backup and I have not imported them here yet.