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10333661_818790438146184_7336475141557044637_oI’m John Scott Tynes, also known as Rev, a game designer and writer in Seattle. I currently work at an indie videogame studio, Holospark, as their executive producer for virtual reality projects. (Our first release is The Impossible Travel Agency, a musical narrative inspired by Disney’s Fantasia.) Previously I worked at Microsoft helping students of all ages learn to code and build their technology skills through the programs I ran at Microsoft Imagine. Before that I was Lead Game Designer at Microsoft Studios Kids & Lifestyle Entertainment creating original Kinect games for children including Kinect Sesame Street TV. I founded Pagan Publishing and Armitage House and have worked or written for Bungie, Acclaim, Wizards of the Coast, Atlas Games, Steve Jackson Games, Daedalus Games, Chaosium, Salon, McSweeney’s Online, The Stranger, The Escapist, Tablet, and many other companies and publications.

My email address has not changed since 1998, but I am not very good about replying.

A partial list of my credits follows for the sake of the curious and the damned.


Delta Green: Strange Authorities (author)

Rehearsals for Oblivion, Act I (short story author)

Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement (author)

Delta Green: Dark Theatres (co-editor, short story author)

Delta Green: Alien Intelligence (co-editor, short story author)

Singers of Strange Songs (short story author)

Made in Goatswood (short story author)


Family Games: The 100 Best (essay author)

Hobby Games: The 100 Best (essay author)

Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media [ read online ] (essay author)

videogame commentary for weekly online magazine The Escapist (author)

Death to the Minotaur: How Wizards of the Coast sacrificed its geeky, Gothic, sex-for-all idealism for Pokémon-size profits and Magic moola [ part 1 | part 2 ] (author)

Wiser Children: Two Years of Writing About Movies (author)

videogame reviews & commentary for Seattle weekly alternative newspaper The Stranger (author)

film criticism for Seattle biweekly alternative newspaper Tablet (author)


Project Columbia (design director)

Kinect Sesame Street TV (original concept)

Crimson Alliance (design consultant)

Full House Poker (lead designer)

Game Room (design consultant)

Game Room: Pitfall (design consultant)

Game Room: Asteroids Deluxe (design consultant)

Game Room: Centipede (design consultant)

Game Room: Lunar Lander (design consultant)

Toy Soldiers (design consultant)

South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play (lead designer)

Pirates of the Burning Sea (producer, content lead, game designer)

Phoenix (lead writer)

Magic: The Gathering — Battlemage (lead writer)

Board & Card Games

The Hills Rise Wild (co-designer)

Creatures & Cultists (co-designer)

Magic: The Gathering — Ice Age (writer)

Roleplaying Games

Puppetland/Power Kill (designer)

Unknown Armies (co-designer)

Call of Cthulhu D20 (co-designer)

Unknown Armies Sourcebooks

One Shots: Five Stand-Alone Scenarios (editor, co-author)

Lawyers, Guns, and Money: The New Inquisition Sourcebook (editor)

Postmodern Magick: The Unnatural Sourcebook (editor, co-author)

Statosphere: The Invisible Clergy Sourcebook (editor, co-author)

Hush Hush: The Sleepers Sourcebook (editor, co-author)

Weep: Six Scenarios of Woe and Ruin (editor, co-author)

Ascension of the Magdalene (editor)

Break Today: The Mak Attax Sourcebook (editor)

To Go: A Campaign of Mythic Ascension (editor)

Penumbra Sourcebooks

Three Days to Kill (author)

Call of Cthulhu Sourcebooks

The Golden Dawn (editor, co-author)

Mortal Coils (co-author)

Delta Green (editor, co-author)

Delta Green: Countdown (editor, co-author)

The Unspeakable Oath issue 16/17 (editor, co-author)

The Resurrected 3: Out of the Vault (co-author)

The Stars Are Right! (co-author)

In Nomine Sourcebooks

Revelations I: Night Music (co-author)

Revelations II: The Marches (co-author)

Revelations III: Heaven and Hell (co-author)

Liber Reliquarum: The Book of Relics (co-author)

Infernal Players Guide (co-author)

Superiors 4: Rogues to Riches (co-author)

Feng Shui Sourcebooks

Marked for Death (editor, co-author)

Back for Seconds (editor, co-author)

Pandemonium Sourcebooks

Stranger than Truth: Further Adventures in Tabloid World (co-author)

Over the Edge Sourcebooks

Wildest Dreams (co-author)


Red Zone (co-screenwriter)

The Yellow Sign (screenwriter)

The Resurrectionist (editor)


Toy Soldiers Radio Serial (producer)

Civic Sinner: Spoken-Word Stories and Dispatches (author, reader)

Distortions (composer)


Revland circa 2000 A.D.