Ugh. A day mostly full of work. Heather had to delay the photo shoot until Sunday, though we did get breakfast at a coffeehouse and caught up on our various projects. At my studio I got to work on doing a color brochure sort of thing for Mike Daisey, part of the promotional effort his new theatrical producer is assembling in anticipation of taking 21 Dog Years on the road. Mike and I also finalized plans for the overhaul of his website, www.mikedaisey.com, which I administer. I picked up Pagan’s GenCon signage, which turned out great–large color blowups of various book covers. Really sweet. When I took them home, Scott and his girlfriend Jane were duly thrilled.

I got dinner at Teriyaki Time, a place near my studio. Since I rented this workspace I’ve been trying different restaurants in this neighborhood, as it’s not a part of town I’ve spent any time in. The results have been pretty uneven. But Teriyaki Time–“Best Teriyaki in Towm!” says the menu, for some odd reason–has proved to be just fine. Besides teriyaki they do a few other eat-it-and-beat-it dishes; tonight I tried the yakisoba, which was tasty. In Seattle, teriyaki is a commodity food, like fast-food burgers. Location is most important, followed by price, followed by quality. Teriyaki tends to be pretty similar from restaurant to restaurant, unless it’s just flat-out bad. These guys do decent stuff. The family that runs the place is Korean; I’m eating there so often I recognize them all now when I walk in.

Late tonight after I finished working I installed and played a new computer game that I bought yesterday. Embarrassingly enough, it’s called STAR TREK: VOYAGER – ELITE FORCE. The Voyager television show sucked so hard it’s like it was drowning and it thought my balls were full of air; I don’t think I watched more than a couple episodes all the way through during its whole run. But the other night Mitch cited it as a really well-done game, and it was only twenty bucks. Mitch was right. The designers did a very nice job giving it the feel of a Star Trek style story, even though it’s a first-person shooter game in the vein of DOOM and UNREAL. The whole opening sequence is a big action thing where you fight the Borg; at the end of it you learn you’re just on the holodeck in a training routine. Then something attacks the ship, and the opening credits roll–that whole first chunk was the equivalent of the pre-credits teaser sequence on an episode of any Star Trek show. Pretty nifty. I played it for a couple hours and was impressed at how good an adaptation it was–which I suppose means it should suck, but it doesn’t. Oh well.

I suspect I won’t play it again. The last few times I’ve bought a computer game, I’ve only played it for one session–long enough to get a feel for it, see what it’s all about, and then that’s it. Yesterday I remembered that I bought a game a few weeks ago that I haven’t played since the day I installed it; I’d forgotten all about the darn thing.

Today in my workspace building, I found a small packet of pot lying on the floor by one of the entrances. I saw this tiny little ziploc bag with green stuff inside and thought, “Hey, I bet that’s pot!” Sure enough. An odd thing to find lying around, but kind of funny. I’m giving it to a friend of mine; the stuff just puts me to sleep. I doubt anyone is going to go to the building manager and ask, “Has anybody turned in any pot recently?” so it might as well go where it’s wanted.

Gods. What a boring day. I shouldn’t write about days like this. Just very routine…

And as usual, I’ll sign off by saying it’s late and time for bed.