I got back from GenCon last night and have spent the day getting caught up on email. Overall Pagan did very well at the show, selling gobs of stuff. I had a good time.

Scott Glancy and I flew home Monday morning at 7am, which was hellish. Worse, we flew from Milwaukee to Minneapolis–just a half-hour or so–and then had a twelve-hour layover. Fortunately we were rescued by Peter Hentges, sometime Atlas Games associate and a true appreciator of the good things in life. Pete took us to Al’s Breakfast Cafe in Dinkytown. Dinkytown is an old railroad station stop just outside of Minneapolis, though the city has grown to include it now. It’s home to one of the UM campuses, so Dinkytown is a perfect student environment: cheap apartments, cheap cafes and coffeehouses, cheap record stores, cheap bookstores, and so on. Quite cool actually. Breakfast was great.

Pete took us on a tour of a sculpture garden. The highlight there was a massive curving spoon with an enormous bright red cherry in it that sprayed water into the air. The whole thing sat on the surface of a small pond. Pete claims the spoon is an infamous trysting spot, and it’s no wonder.

We took a tour of the Source Comics & Games, a shop owned by the same company that helps run Atlas Games. The Source is one of those legendary gaming/comic shops, with a massive inventory and smart management. We wandered around there for a while and talked to a couple of the employees about gaming stuff, then Pete took us home. We met his partner Ericka, who is quite the spark, and then Scott and I crashed for about four hours of sleep. Dinner followed at Sherlock’s Home, an excellent British pub and microbrewery with truly superb beer and terrific food. Then it was one endless plane ride later and we were back home.

There were some interesting developments at GenCon regarding a couple projects I’m working on, but I can’t talk about them yet. That sucks, since I’m dying to write about some of this neat stuff. Oh well.