The second installment of my movie column is up now at Tablet‘s site. Confusingly, it’s titled “Film Foursome” in the paper and “Film Frenzy” on the site. Both titles are pretty lame. I just can’t come up with a better title than “The Four Somethings,” and that lacks the crucial words “film” or “movie” that would actually indicate what the column was about. Oh well. Give it a read.

For my next column, I used DFILM’s MovieMaker feature to make a short animated film. It’s a very simple process that takes about ten minutes. Really, it’s sort of a glorified electronic greeting card, but as those things go it’s pretty impressive. Take a look at my lame effort, complete with embarrassing typo in the first line of dialogue. Be warned it’s full of Seattle in-jokes that are meaningless and unfunny to the rest of the world.