It’s a banner day here at Revland. Which is to say that I’m testing random-banner code for my site. This isn’t for selling outside advertising, just a tool to promote books I’ve worked on and such. I’m fiddling with other Stupid Revland Tricks as well, primarily the conversion of the site to a database-driven structure. I’m not using my own server, just a domain host (Addr.com), so my options are somewhat limited without paying extra. Shortly I’ll be testing a freeware Perl database called WODA that looks promising. MySQL looks to be A) out of my league and B) unusable without the cooperation of my domain host, who charge extra for MySQL setup and usage and so are unlikely to assist me in getting it set up on the cheap. My goal is for all the content pages and photographs to be delivered via the database, to cut down on static HTML coding and file creep, and to make some nifty features–like an actual database front end for my movie reviews–possible that aren’t now. I’ve never done this stuff before, but I’m a sucker for a learning curve. Anyone with knowledge of this sort of thing is welcome to post a comment or offer help.