As promised, a minor bit of fun news. If you get the TechTV cable network, check out this Thursday’s episode of their show The ScreenSavers. My friend Mike is doing a guest bit on the show. Sunday night we retired to an all-night diner for greasy food, bad coffee, and a couple hours of scriptwriting. We got his piece written, and today we shot an accompanying short video that worked out really well. It should be very funny, and for the Macintosh aficionados among you, we packed the segment full of Mac inside jokes–as well as a huge dollop of computer geek jokes for the rest of you. If the words “Crusoe,” “802.11,” and “Wozniak” mean anything to you, you’re our target audience.

The diner, Minnie’s Cafe in downtown Seattle, is rightly famous for its tomato-basil soup, and rightly infamous for its terrible service. Sunday night added another feather to its ill-fitting cap, when we were actually panhandled while sitting at our table–by another patron. Ah, yes. The Minnie’s on Capitol Hill closed last fall, and boasted an even higher proportion of distaff clientele.

I took Mike and his wife Jean-Michele to the airport tonight for their return to Brooklyn. They spent a full month here over the holidays, and we had an excellent time. It looks like I’ll be going to New York for a working visit in March to see the opening of Mike’s Amazon.com one-man show off-Broadway and to shoot a series of very short films with him. I’ve never been to ye Large Apple before, and I’m looking forward to it.

Those of you in the Seattle area should mark your calendars for another event on Thursday. My girlfriend Karen has a new show of artwork from her summer sojourn to Mongolia. Info and directions are at her website. All are welcome. It’s Thursday 6-9pm and Saturday 6-9pm as well.

She’s calling the show Postcards From Mongolia but I thought it should have been Hold the Dog! That’s the translation of the Mongolian phrase for “Hello!”, used when you approach a campsite. “Hold the dog!” I crack up whenever I think about this. Tomorrow I’m spending the day helping her get her studio ready for the show.

And now it’s time for bed.