TechTV evidently loves the video, and everything is go. If anyone out there in Revland is able to watch the episode, please post notes here. TechTV isn’t carried in Seattle, so I’ll have to miss it. Dang!

Sure enough, it was another twelve-hour workday. I didn’t even leave my studio except to visit the restroom, and it’s right next door. The restroom says hello, and how is the dog?

I spent most of the day editing the Magick chapter for the new Unknown Armies rulebook. I got almost the whole thing done until I hit the revamp of Proxy Rituals, at which point I was again baffled by the mechanics and threw up my hands at Greg, who is tackling it again. After that I tried to edit the Tilts section and found I couldn’t understand sentences anymore. I goofed off for about half an hour and then got back to work, doing a clean-up pass on the first half of the Adepts chapter. (We’re breaking the old magick chapter into Magick, Adepts, and Avatars chapters. Magick now contains rituals, artifact rules and minor artifact write-ups, authentic thaumaturgy, proxy rituals, and tilts.) The new Adepts chapter by itself is more than 45,000 words. Jumping cow.

At some point I realized just how much work remains to be done on the book and I grew somewhat demoralized. Our conceptual revamp of the fall has mushroomed into a monster of a project, and the work has been going slow of late. I need to put in a solid week of work next week to move this thing forward. I keep thinking in Pagan terms: with another six months or a year, I could really get this together. But no, it needs to be done and out of my hair, lickety split.

Tomorrow is my Flying Lab day. Some exciting good news: IK is back in the engine. This was something I didn’t know existed, but when I heard that the engine didn’t have it and learned what that meant, I realized it was incredibly important. Now it’s going to be in there after all. It’s weird how I can just assume that of course, all games work in a certain way and we can do anything, and then discover that behind that assumption lies a mountain of hard work for people that fortunately aren’t me. I have my own mountain of hard work to climb.

Friday morning I’ve got a press screening of a new anime flick called Metropolis. I’ve only seen previews for it, but they look gorgeous. Hopefully it won’t suck. I’m not very satisfied with most anime outside of the Studio Ghibli stuff, but now and then something good comes along; the semi-recent Jin-Roh, Wolf Brigade was superb.

Housemate Jane is redoing the bathroom. To her chagrin, she discovered that the seemingly pleasant trim colors of beige and olive transformed the bathroom into a military depot. So she’s changing color schemes. She’s quite enjoying being laid off from Adobe. Last week she and Scott redid the living room in her swell junktique aesthetic.

I once gave Jane undeserved grief about her style, when we were moving her stuff from her apartment into our house. There was a dresser somebody was getting rid of and I asked her if she wanted to take it, but she said it didn’t fit her design scheme. “Oh come on,” I said jauntily, “just paint it orange and throw it down the stairs and it’ll look like everything else you own.” She proceeded to paint me orange and throw me down the stairs. Sometimes that witticism gear engages and overrides the good-sense and common-courtesy mechanisms, and there I go into the breach. Oh well.