I have a lot of catching up to do and maybe that’ll happen later tonight, but I wanted to share a minor bit of good news. The newspaper I’m writing my film column for just won a nifty award:

Utne Reader, the nation’s leading magazine of alternative ideas, announces the Reader’s Choice Award of Best New Title goes to Tablet Newspaper.

Nominated by the Utne Reader editors for Best New Title in October 2001, “Tablet is a great example of creative, beyond-the-mainstream thinking, and we are proud to honor it with a nomination,” said Jay Walljasper, Utne Reader Editorial Director.

Tablet is the Northwest’s only all-volunteer biweekly newspaper. Through a core staff of dedicated volunteers and contributors, Tablet has achieved an amazing amount of success in its inaugural year. The first issue of Tablet was published on October 4th, 2000. Since then the paper has grown in page size and has increased its distribution by thousands. Being nominated for a 2001 Utne Reader Alternative Press Award is a true honor.

Since 1989 these awards have showcased the best from the alternative press in categories including “General Excellence” and “Best New Title”. Utne Reader’s editors select nominee publications through their extensive reading process and careful examination, rather than a competition requiring entry forms and fees. In this way, Utne Reader honors the efforts of small, sometimes unnoticed publications that provide innovative, thought-provoking perspectives often ignored by mass media.

Utne Reader is the nation’s leading digest of the alternative media. In addition to the magazine and corresponding web site, (http://www.utne.com), the company recently launched Utne Communities (http://www.utne.com/communities), dedicated to helping educators, non-profits and companies develop successful online communities.

Tablet will support and promote emerging music, art, and political communities of the Northwest and beyond, through bold design, a feisty attitude, and affordable advertising. — Tablet mission statement