The new issue of Tablet is out, and I’ve got some bits in there. There’s my usual film column, Film Foursome, a very brief review of the new anime film Metropolis, and I wrote capsule reviews of two films playing at the Women in Cinema Film Festival here in Seattle, Rain and The Goddess of 1967, both of which appear in the main festival article.

When I went to the press screenings of those two films from the Women in Cinema festival a few weeks ago, I arrived about twenty minutes early. The previous press screening was still wrapping up, and it proved to be the upcoming Schwarzenagger flick Collateral Damage. As I waited outside, an earnest young man gave me press kits for the Women in Cinema festival. From beyond the doors to the theatre I could hear only the loudest and deepest sounds of the film, which meant that as I perused the documents on women’s cinema I was bombarded with what seemed like an impressionist sound-collage of Arnold grunting over and over, broken up with explosions and gunshots. It was quite surreal and funny.

Dispatches visitor Martin McClellan noticed my recommendation of Tom Phillips’ book/art project A Humument in the Store and pointed me to the official web site of the project, www.humument.com, which Martin runs. It’s quite a fun site, and it links to Phillips’ main site as well which is also worth exploring. If you haven’t looked at A Humument before, you should. Those who have read “Bill in Three Persons” in the Unknown Armies rulebook would find A Humument especially interesting, or rather vice versa.