Obscure Good News Dept.

At Flying Lab we got word today that the company making the Delta Green computer game’s 3D engine, Lithtech, has accepted our short animation demo for showing off at the Game Developer’s Conference in late March. This means we’ll have an easier time finding a publisher for the game and can create some buzz. The animation may go online after GDC is over, but I’m not sure yet.

Oh, those darn Swiss are up to no good again. Link courtesy of James Wallis, who is up to no good 24/7.

Today: finished the first draft of two UA2 chapters: Assumption and Ascension and Demons. Greg turned in his edits to the Cosmic Campaign chapter and I sent him the new stuff. Next: first draft of the Artifacts chapter, and then the cosmic-level section of the new rulebook is ready for edits and peer review.

February 25th is my birthday. I’ll be 31. This still seems young to me, but maybe I’ll always feel that way. If all goes well there will be some sort of minor event this weekend and then Karen and I will go to Vancouver for a couple days of goofing around a week later.