I utterly failed to write about this in advance, but Mike and I appeared on The Screensavers last night, a geek talk show on the TechTV cable network. I pretended to be Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer, and Mike conducted an amusingly disastrous interview. The show aired yesterday (Friday), but repeats this Monday morning at 11:30AM Eastern time for those of you with TechTV and a VCR or Tivo. You can find more info at their web site–look for the article called “Mike Daisey’s Mystery Guest.”

My nationwide live television debut was great fun and very silly. Somewhat nerve-wracking, as we were improving without a script, and my hands were shaking a bit. Fortunately you can’t tell . . .

More dispatches soon. I’ve moved to a hotel without net access, so I’m not online much at the moment.