There’s a new interview online with Russell Williams, one of the founders of Flying Lab Software, about the Delta Green computer game project, with a couple early screenshots.

Delta Green fans should check this out: www.Phenomen-X.com.

Yesterday I saw something amazing: someone playing the DG computer game. Taylor at Flying Lab sent out a note about how the pathfinding was off to a good start, and I went to see what he had to show. There was far more than I expected. I’d been seeing pieces of this and that–rooms, furniture, agents–but was shocked to see they had come together into an actual playable piece of game. Taylor sent three DG agents down a hallway into a large room, where they found two cultists. Gunfire erupted and within a few moments both cultists and one agent were down. Taylor sent the remaining two agents through the room, into an elevator, and then out into a huge underground temple, where the chunk of game ended.

It looks gorgeous. The graphics are really something else. The furniture and rooms are beautifully executed, and the work they’ve done on lighting code really pays off. The lighting and shadows turn the textures from great to fantastic, giving them an almost photo-real quality that was breathtaking to me.

It’s still just an early stage in the prototype. For the gunfight, the agents and cultists just stood there firing, since we haven’t coded their dodging, taking cover, etc. Some movement commands required more pathfinding than the agents are yet capable of. The dark young is out for repairs. But wow, it was uncanny to see someone actually playing this game we’ve been working on for three and a half months. I’m jazzed.