I found good news in my inbox this morning from Sam Schreiber, a friend of mine from high school. Sam and I played D&D together, but bonded over writing. In those days he was working on a swords & sorcery novel, and I served as loyal reader and critic. When the plotting of the novel got too unwieldy, he started over with it as a screenplay. One thing led to another and he’s been pursuing a career as a screenwriter ever since. He’s had various day jobs over the years while working on screenplays, but it looks like he might have finally reached the promised land, as witness this article in today’s Hollywood Reporter:

ChickFlicks pockets ‘Sticks’ script

April 17, 2002

For the second time in the past two weeks, fledgling writer Sam Schreiber has sold a script to Sara Risher’s New Line-based ChickFlicks production company. ChickFlicks has optioned Schreiber’s original screenplay “Sticks & Stones,” with the deal coming just days after the studio fast tracked Schreiber’s “Heart of Summer” script. “Sticks” follows a former pool prodigy who gets back into the game after discovering that her father — who abandoned her years ago — has ridden to the top of the professional pool world on the coattails of another prodigal talent. Risher will produce “Sticks” with Chris Emerson. Schreiber is managed by Jump Rope Prods. Attorney Phillip Rosen brokered his deal.

Go Sam!

I’m thrilled to report that while driving to the studio this morning, there was a sudden jam right ahead of me and I skidded off into a construction zone, running down several helpless traffic cones in the process. No actual personal or vehicular injury occured and I was back on the road in a matter of seconds. But lo, the blood doth pumpeth.