Just a brief update from the road. Karen and I are in Camden Town, London, but are shortly heading for Paddington Station for the train to Oxford. We stayed a night with my friend James Wallis in Clapham, then the three of us spent a day at the Tate Modern museum of modern art. Last night we stayed with Karen’s friends Tatanya and Kenneth, who run a web site for ocean rowers–that’s one or two people crossing the ocean in a rowboat. Tatanya’s son Teddy crossed the Atlantic in a solo rowboat a couple of years ago. He told her it soon became easier to row than sleep. He would just have his eyes half-closed, dreaming, rowing alone into the night in the middle of the ocean. Tatanya is from Odessa in the Ukraine, where Teddy still lives. The president of Ukraine was so pleased at the first Ukranian to row across the Atlantic that he gave Teddy an apartment. Teddy’s voyage was apparently the source of no little national pride.