Time flies and so do I, it seems. Sevilla was beautiful, stunning, lovely, maybe my favorite city ever. Madrid was huge and fabulous in a rennaissance-monstrosity, Great Cities Of Europe sort of way. Barcelona was built for pedestrians, is thoroughly winning, and the Goudi cathedral is a stunner. Now I’m in the Copenhagen airport, awaiting my flight to Seattle, and then on from there to Los Angeles for the E3 expo. To quote Warren Zevon, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

The trip was fantastic. Karen and I had a magical time and I’ll never forget it. I’m already missing Spain a great deal and recommend it to one and all. “Nice country you’ve got there!”

Hopefully more thoughts and impressions will follow, though not until after E3 I suspect. I’ll get back to Seattle on May 24, just in time for the Seattle International Film Festival! Aieee!!

Spain’s museums have a lot of severed heads.