I had several days of resolute sloth on returning from E3, and then two days of crazymaking work at Flying Lab. The short version is we had a sudden presentation to make on Friday (this morning) and among other things, this required a videotape. So we dumped assorted footage from the Delta Green prototype to DV, then I cut together a 30-second movie trailer kinda thang followed by a four-minute walk-through of the prototype gameplay. For the walk-through, I recorded two dozen clips of voiceover narration explaining the walk-through, the same kind of talk I gave at E3 for each publisher presentation. These two video projects came together very quickly, and just barely in time for the FedEx deadline to send the finished videotape off for the presentation Rusty went to make in NYC.

The results were great fun. I’m hoping we can release the trailer on the net sometime soon.

The Seattle Film Festival has started, and I’ve got my first film tonight, then three more tomorrow. Off we go!