Two links from Andrew Sullivan’s irascible and indispensable daily journal:

This is quite a good article. Though I find it mildly annoying that when a comedian writes something for a highbrow publication he miraculously becomes a humorist.

And here is a rather pleasant idea for what to do with Ground Zero: build an inter-religious worship center, an ecumenical house for muslims, christians, jews, and whatever mice you have in your pocket to boot.

(Andrew Sullivan is a British journalist working in New York. He holds the unusual cultural position of being an HIV+ gay Republican Catholic, which by all rights should put him in the running for a “Man walks into a bar” joke. He’s also an excellent writer and commentator, even when I don’t agree with him. I’ve come to find that I’d much rather read opinions and journalism by people with politics at least somewhat different from my own, because I’d rather have my ideas challenged than coddled and confirmed.)