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My Other Other Project: Café Nordo

Besides my day job, family, and creative work, the other big part of my life is being chairman of the board for Café Nordo, a nonprofit theatre company in Seattle that combines storytelling and food in an innovative and very artistic way.

I was a fan of Nordo before I ever got involved with them, but I’ve now spent more than a year leading the board during a very intense and productive period of expansion. We ran a capital fundraising campaign that brought in almost $300,000, enough for us to finally get a permanent home for the company: Nordo’s Culinarium in Pioneer Square.

On April 15th we open our first show in our new home. Don Nordo del Midwest is inspired by Don Quixote but is about an idealistic, itinerant chef traveling through the midwest. There are fights, laughs, assorted revolutions, and nine courses of amazing food.

Seattle’s City Arts magazine just published a great feature about our company and our new home. Please give it a read.

And then buy some tickets!