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My new virtual reality ghost story, Séance: The Unquiet

Today my team at Holospark released a free preview of our current virtual reality project. Séance: The Unquiet is a ghost story in VR for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. The preview is now available for download from the Oculus Store and from Steam.

This project is not a videogame. It’s very much a movie that uses virtual reality as its native medium. We built it using the Unreal game engine with a lot of videogame tools and techniques, but all in the service of delivering a cinematic narrative.

About VR Cinematic Storytelling

I’ve written a series of four blog posts on Gamasutra sharing what we learned:

Part One: Composition

Part Two: Music & Sound Design

Part Three: Character Presence

Part Four: Anatomy of a Scene


The excellent VR industry website UploadVR posted a really thoughtful look at what we’re creating:

Séance: The Unquiet is a harrowing ghost story focused on you

We put a ton of work and experimentation into reaching this first preview and I’m very happy with the results.