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Starting a New Game

A few weeks ago, I decided to start developing a game on my own time just for fun. It won’t be a commercial release. But I had an idea I liked and enough experience with Unreal scripting that I knew I could pull it off.

I don’t have much free time for a personal project like this, but after about 25 hours here and there I have the core game systems functional and you can play the greybox prototype to completion and win. Zero polish, zero tuning, just pure functionality, because I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t get to do anything fun and creative until I had a working prototype. (Although having learned coding when I was a kid, I find that fun and creative too.)

The game is a karmic roguelike, which is a thing I made up. It’s a simple game in terms of features. It will rely on the intersection of systems and their expression through content to become the intense and frequently terrifying experience I envision.

Careers are hard. Workplaces, even good ones, can still be frustrating. Sometimes, as we are seeing over and over again lately, they can be heartbreaking.

I have always tried to ensure that when I can’t control the things I want to control, I invent new things to control instead.

This indie game is something I can just make. I don’t need funding or executives or brands. If it works out, I’ll put it up on Itch.io and see what people think. And then I’ll go invent something else.

There’s that line from the Firefly theme song, “You can’t take the sky from me.” That’s how I feel about my creative life. I will always strive to pursue work I’m passionate about both in my job and in my personal life. Nobody can ever take that from me.