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Coding For Your Future Self

Last night I spent the evening working on my personal videogame project. As planned, I refactored chunks of my own code to clean up some Unreal Blueprint nonsense and then wrote documentation for my future self.

When you’re only working on a project one night a week, it’s easy to lose track of what code lives where and why I made some decisions. It’s especially difficult when sometimes I spend multiple sessions not coding but instead working on level design, audio, or figuring out why the procedural foliage was all floating above the ground on an invisible flat plane! This documentation is brief but it will pay off.

We’ve got some summer vacation time happening this year and I won’t be making a lot of progress on my game for a while. Which is great and also terrible, because now my game is fun. There’s a particular piece of gameplay that is delivering on the promise I thought it had and I played more than I needed to last night because the cat-and-mouse tension was real and felt great.

It’s got a long way to go but realizing that I had found the fun was a pretty sweet break from revising code.