Ah, heck. I’m way behind on Dispatches because I’ve been spending evenings watching the second season of The Sopranos. And on Sunday night we had a mafia dinner party at Ray & Christine’s. She made grilled sausage & peppers, and a seafood marinara on spaghetti, and then we watched The Godfather on Ray’s ginormous home theatre. What can I say? Leave the gun, take the cannolis. We even had cannolis for dessert.

Booked solid now. Wednesday night next week I’m going to NYC, no return ticket. Might be a week or two. It’s a shuttle airline, flat rate, $130 direct Seattle-NYC. Amazing. Mike and I are shooting a bunch of short digital video pieces for his website, and happily his publisher is paying for the whole thing. The day I get in, Thursday, Mike is doing an appearance on TechTV and wants me to appear in the bit posing as Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. I need a black turtleneck. No idea if I can act, even in a comedy bit. Mike on IM: “Best way to find out is to stick you on live national television.” Should be completely stupid and fun if it goes off. Must remember: no profanity. Fuck. I’ve never been to New York before.

Double booked: Seattle to Copenhagen to London on April 23rd with Karen. We actually fly over the roof of the world instead of via NYC then across the Atlantic. We stay with James Wallis in London for a bit, and then eventually take the chunnel to Paris. Then it’s the train to Switzerland to visit Karen’s college roommate, and then a flight to Barcelona. Two weeks or so in Spain. My aunt and uncle live in Malaga now on the southern coast, and the guys who do the Spanish editions of Unknown Armies, Three Days to Kill, and Puppetland are in Seville. Our trip is much inspired by looking at who we know lives where. We have to travel cheap, so we rely on the kindness of friends and family over there. Poor as church mice, but at least we can take a trip.

Triple booked: Back to the UK in July as guest for a convention called Convulsion. Then, I expect, at least six months of no travel whatsoever. Second half of the year is about hunkering down and writing something or other.

That’s what I did today. Worked on UA2, back after a week away from the project to push forward on Mike’s website revamp. So much to do still. Started writing new stuff for the GM section. I get to write up the profiles of the Sect of the Naked Goddess/the Affinites and what used to be the True Order of Saint-Germain. Finally nailed these things down after several years of hand-waving. In UA2 you can play a Room of Renunciation! Bwah hah hah…