The comments function has broken again, and I think I know why. Blogger assigns every posting a unique number, which the comments code uses to reference which post a comment is attached to. Recently Blogger’s master numbering rolled past 10,000,000. It’d been 7 digits for a long time, and now it’s 8. I took a cursory look at the commenting code (a php script) and found one place where it appeared to use a 7-digit number as the base number. It hasn’t retained a single comment since Blogger hit 8 digits a few days ago–though it still emails me what you type in–leading me to believe this is the problem. I don’t know php at all, so it’s not something I can fix. If any php wizards out there want to take a look at the code and see if they can fix it, let me know. The commenting system I’m using isn’t supported by the author anymore, and the last time I tried to find the site I got it from, I couldn’t even locate it. I’ve been planning to switch blogging systems this summer, but whether or not I can do that before my travel starts, I don’t know. Nag dabbit!